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Let me tell you who I am!

My name is Benjamin Ben Carolus Houwen and Benjamin's Studio is my company. I got over 10 years of animation experience and I do illustrations on the side. Take a look in the background of my website and you will notice my interests.

Here's what I can do for you!


Pick any style of animation you want and we can work something out together. Mainly 2D is my specialty.


Need a folder, mural or poster? You are at the right place. Not possible isn't here let's make something nuts.


Any film edits are possible too. Documentaries, commercials, wedding film, anything involved with film? No problem, I can edit too.

Did I peak you interest and looking to hire me?

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W.A. Scholtenstraat 12-38

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Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will animate you a music video

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Might be useful if you want to get into illustrator.