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I’m Benjamin Houwen and I started my studio in 2019. I’ve got over 10 years of experience in motion graphics and still love doing it to this day. My work has been displayed at festivals and expositions and I also worked with a few companies in The Netherlands.

In the past I animated a lot of stick figure video’s that’s where I’ve learned the basics and after that I started studying Illustration/animation design. That’s where I’ve learned working with 3D and started working on full body characters. I got hooked on learning new techniques and expanding my knowledge for animation so I always try to learn something new!

At the times when I’m not animating I love to watch movies and hang out with friends. I also love to play video games and cooking but yeah you can say that I’m quite the couch potato haha!

Here’s what I can do for you!


The good thing about illustrations is that you remove someone’s biases toward different situations and types of people. You can take that away from someone with a drawing. You also have full control of what message you want to convey because everything is editable and customizable. This way you can control the image and make it align better with your brand specific company culture.

The workflow on an illustration is very similar to an animation. We start out with the discovery and research. Then we brainstorm and after I start making a mood board. After that I will make the sketches and then comes the final illustration with the styling of the illustration. Of course will the order change with each assignment but you get the point.


The good part about animation is that you can explain something really complicated quick and easy. It’s also more easy to keep the attention of a viewer with an animation. You can also share an animation really easy on social media and play it at an exposition.  It’s a great way to share your idea.

When you are willing to get an animation we will go through the process of making one. That means we will discover and brainstorm on what your idea actually means. You can get inspired by research off of a subject really well. After that I will work on a concept. Think of the character design and the visuals of an animation. Then there will be a storyboard made with the animatic and after that the real animation it self. And I haven’t even mentioned the sound. ;-)

Based off of my portfolio you can see what style you can expect but don’t think there isn’t another style possibility. Anything is possible with animation.


With animation comes also editing. I’ve got more then 4 years of experience editing and also edited at the local tv ad department of Groningen. Think of Documentaries, commercials, wedding films or just anything involved with film.



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